About Us


Digiscript Philippines Inc. (Digiscript) is a 9 year old company specializing in 3D measurement and digital building modeling technology solutions. They are currently the sole service provider of END TO END Laser Scanning solutions in the country. Digiscript has built a wealth of specialized knowledge, which it has applied to providing custom tailored 3D solutions for its clients, with the goal of always striving to fulfill its brand statement of "Delivering Value”.

Digiscript offers customized support services to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry based on a cutting edge technology called High Definition Surveying (HDS) from Leica Geosystems. With the use of state-of- the art 3D laser scanners, Digiscript digitises and captures infrastructure, commercial facilities, industrial plants, heritage sites, and other environments. This 3D Reality Capture technology acquires millimeter accurate measurement points known as ‘pointclouds’, which allow clients to safely, quickly and accurately capture the as-is, where-is conditions, measurements and geometric features on any environment, or as is commonly termed, the “as-built” data.

Since introducing this technology in 2009, the company has secured service engagements with top Philippine companies in the Oil and Gas Industry, Architectural Engineering and Construction (AEC), Heritage Conservation, Forensic Investigation, and Entertainment industries. Digiscript has also built a small but growing clientele of surveying, architectural, and engineering firms in Australia, US, UK, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

At its core, Digiscript is in the business of empowering its customers by providing solutions to help them measure, manage, design, and visualize the current physical environment so that a comprehensive and unified understanding of their sites is obtained. It is through this understanding that ideas are formed, visions become clear, and avenues for taking action are revealed, in the ultimate goal of shaping a progressive tomorrow.

Our Brand

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The Digiscript symbol represents the company’s character, history and values:

  • Partnership
  • Constant evolution of information & technology
  • Continuous sharing of information from point-to-point
  • Custom solutions approach
  • Delivering Value

    • Accuracy, Detail, and completeness without compromise.

      Providing designers, planners, architects & engineers with a complete and comprehensive set of 2D or 3D as-built information gives them the confidence to take the next important step in the decision making process.

      Whether it be for ensuring a clash free MEP design, fabrication of support structures or pipes, understanding the general topography of your site, or capturing the intricate geometries seen in historic sites, Digiscript will provide the information you need to see your vision become a reality.

      We empower our customers to take full control of their asset providing nothing less than the most complete, accurate, and up-to date as-built documentation at a reasonable price.